Please hand in your ppt. and photos for the 20116 review clip graduation ceremony before March 18.

  • 2016-02-18
  • Admin Admin

Collection of individual’s review clip photos and ppt. for the graduation ceremony

To prepare for this year’s graduation ceremony, please provide us your information down below:
1. Memorable valued photos or clips (ex. O’camp, Class activities…Please also add the activity’s name)
2. Individual’s head shot photo with you wearing Lanyang’s blue graduation dress-used when awarding diploma
3. Individual’s candid photo - used when awarding diploma
4. Campus Graduation Photos (With class, group or teachers)
5. Individual’s freshman photos or photos in before, otherwise we will select your entry photos instead. 

6. For those who have been club’s cadre provide us club’s activity or performance photos.


Due to school’s photos are rather formal and not that spectacular, so we need to collect them from each class. You are welcome to provide more of your photos, and please give it to graduation valedictorians in each class. You should separate and store your files into 6, also rename it with your student ID number or name. For the clubs, please hand in all of them to me directly.

All needed photos and clips above will reach to the deadline at March 18, 2016. Thanks for your time and cooperation.