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Lab of micro-controller

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            With the advance of technology, microcontroller based systems are deployed pervasively in our surroundings. The application of microcontrollers ranges from sensor control to general-purpose computation, for example, smart appliances, vehicle telematics, robot control systems, etc. In order to make our students understand the hardware and software components, we set up the laboratory to facilitate the related teaching and research. By doing a project, students are required to learn the details of how abstract software processing is combined with physical devices. This approach would motivate the learning interests and stimulate the creative thoughts. As a result, the ability of developing applications on a microcontroller based platform is cultivated.



  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

  • Arduino Nano

  • PiCamera module

  • PiTFT touchscreen

  • Bluetooth / XBee / Wifi module

  • Servo motor / RC motor

  • NFC reader

  • Thermal printer

  • Electromyography sensor / pulse sensor

    Tutor:Feng-Cheng Chang,Lin, In-Ho