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This is an image          The Internet of Things (IoT) megatrend is driving an increasingly connected world and its market continues to experience strong growth across the world. We are witnessing vast opportunities from IoT with companies benefiting by identifying new business models, increasing operational efficiency and fueling innovation. With a strong connectivity infrastructure and the government’s vision to invest in this field, IoT has tremendous potential to drive economic value and social change. The purpose of this lab is aiming at meeting the rising market demand triggered by the IoT challenge. This lab researches computing systems interacting with physical, real environments. The main thrust of the lab would be on development of applications based on sensor, communication and other technologies to help in monitoring, management and control of information systems at various spatial and time scales. In addition, researchers from this lab will also like to explore the opportunities to actively utilize artificial intelligence based analytics to quickly analyze operational data collect from IoT devices. In the short term we are with special interests in applications such as Indoor Positioning Service (IPS) based on smartphones for IoT devices, enabling end-to-end analytics to turn big data into actionable information.

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