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International Students

Download 2017-2018 International Student Admissions Handbook

Important Dates of International Admissions for Academic Year 2017-2018


Fall semester (September 2017 Enrollment)

Application Submission
(I) February 13, 2017 ~ March 7, 2017
(II) March 8, 2017 ~ April 27, 2017
(III) April 28, 2017 ~ June 28, 2017
Review and Evaluation
(I) March 8, 2017 ~ April 18, 2017
(II) April 28, 2017 ~ May 27, 2017
(III) June 29, 2017 ~ August, 2017
Admission Decision Notification
(I) April 19, 2017
(II) May 31, 2017
(III) August, 2017
Early September, 2017

Spring semester (February 2017 Enrollment)

Application Submission  
(I) August 1, 2017~ September 12, 2017
(II) September 13, 2017~October 27, 2017
Review and Evaluation
(I) September 13, 2017~ Mid-October, 2017
(II) October 28, 2017~ Mid-December, 2017
Admission Decision Notification       
(I) Late-October, 2017
(II) Late-December, 2017
Mid-February, 2018
Applicants to master's and doctoral programs can select either the Fall semester admission or the Spring semester admission. Applicants to bachelor's programs can only select the Fall semester admission.

Apply Online: http://exam.tku.edu.tw/foreign

Questions about admissions
Admissions Section
Ms. Eva Lee

TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2015 / E-Mail: atex@mail.tku.edu.tw

Questions about registration, deferment and resumption of study
Registration Section
Ms. Corrine Chen
TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2366 / E-Mail: 139262@mail.tku.edu.tw

Questions about entrance scholarships
International and Cross-Strait Exchange Section
 Iris Liang 
TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.2218/ E-Mail: irisliang@mail.tku.edu.tw 
Questions about Taiwan scholarships, ARC, housing, health insurance, work permits
International and Mainland Student Guidance Section
Mr. Gary Liu
TEL: 886-2-26215656 ext.3551 / E-Mail: 149736@mail.tku.edu.tw

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Study Programs

College of Global Development

Study Programs





Executive Master


Department of
Innovative Information and Technology

Lanyang Campus is situated in I-lan County. The design of the core courses in Lanyang follows in the spirit of the world-renowned Oxbridge system in England, which is to facilitate a "whole person" education. To become a "whole person", the core courses provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge in humanities, sciences and business. This education is further supported by a traditional English residential collegiate system that accommodates all students and staff. With staff and faculty members in residence, a sense of "family", pastoral care and the "whole person" education" can be successfully cultivated. To optimize Oxbridge spirit, the language of instruction is English in all classes, and all local students study for one year abroad in their junior year. International students can choose to study abroad in the junior year or study in the Tamsui campus instead.

Scoring categories: academic performance, application documents and English ability.
Division of Software Engineering(English-Taught Program)
Division of Applied Informatics(English-Taught Program)
Length of Study & Class Location
Four years for the rest of the undergraduate students and the time limit for degree completion may be extended for an extra two years, 1-4 years for the master program students. Except the programs of the College of Global Development which are taught in Lanyang Campus situated in I-lan County.

Admission Decision Notification
Fall semester
Spring semester
Admission Decision Notification
and Sending Acceptance/Non-acceptance Letters
(I) April 21, 2016
(I) Mid-October, 2016
(II) Mid-December, 2016
(II) June 2, 2016
(III) August 4, 2016
Note: The admission list will be announced on the Admission News section of the TKU website, and students will also be notified by regular mail and e-mail.

Registration & Related Regulations
Accepted students shall register on the date appointed in the admission letters. The following documents shall be submitted upon registration. Any forged document or delay in registration will result in the denial of admission.
Students who are admitted to more than one program shall select only ONE to register.

One photocopy of the applicant’s highest education diploma authenticated with the official stamp by the Taiwan’s overseas embassies or representative offices. Please attach the Chinese or English version with the official stamp if the original diploma is not in Chinese or English.
One official transcript of the highest degree authenticated with the official stamp by the Taiwan’s overseas embassies or representative offices. Please attach the Chinese or English version with the official stamp if the transcript is not in Chinese or English.
Academic credentials from Mainland China shall be subject to the Regulations Governing the Accreditation of Schools in Mainland China; academic credentials from Hong Kong or Macao shall be subject to the Academic Credential Verification and Accreditation Methods adopted in Hong Kong and Macao.
Academic credentials from Malaysia are required to be verified with official stamps by the Taiwan’s overseas office or the Federation of Alumni of Taiwan Universities in Malaysia.
According to the rules in Article 8 of TKU Student Regulations, students have to submit their graduate certificate when they report to the school. The failure to do as required will result in a denial of their admission to the school unless they are permitted to postpone submitting their graduate certificate until a later date.
A photocopy of passport.
Two passport-size bust photos within recent 3 months.
Proof of a medical and injury insurance policy which is valid for at least 6 months from the date the student enters Taiwan. The abovementioned written proof of insurance issued in a foreign country shall be verified by the Taiwan’s overseas agency.

Related Regulations
1. According to the rules in Article 9 of TKU Student Regulations, students who are unable to register at the school due to a severe illness, accident, pregnancy, child birth or who must care for a child of three years or less shall apply for retaining admission to the school (Registration Section) by submitting the relevant certificate for verification and obtaining approval from the school. Once permitted, they can retain admission to the school for no more than one year and, during that period of time, the school will not charge them tuition.
2. New students who apply for retaining admission shall achieve entrance qualification depending on Chapter 2 of T.K.U. Student Regulations.
3. Accepted students shall apply the Resident Visas to the Taiwan overseas missions in his or her country. For the students who were issued a Visitor Visa, please go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) to change the Visitor Visa to Resident Visas. (http://www.boca.gov.tw/
Resident Visa holders are required to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency within 15 days starting from the next day of arrival Taiwan or starting from the day after changing the Visitor Visa to Resident Visa. Please make sure to apply for the ARC extension at least 30 days before it expires. Late applicants will be subject to fines by the BOCA.
4. Visas are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the acceptance certificates do not guarantee visa issuance. For the nationals of the designated countries applying for visas please refer to this website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
5. According to the Taiwan scholarship Program Guidelines, the Taiwan scholarship students need to finish the registration and pay the tuition fee and then the scholarship can be disbursed by the International and Mainland Student Guidance Section.

1. International Students can apply “ TKU Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding Overseas Students” (Please see Appendix 1). For the scholarships guideline, please visit the website of TKU Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs. http://www.oieie.tku.edu.tw/schol/recruit.php?Sn=68
2. The Ministry of Education offers scholarships to encourage international students attending local universities and/or their international Chinese language programs. Applicants shall enroll for one semester to apply the Tamkang university scholarships. Other regulations and information please see the website of Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICSA). http://www.oieie.tku.edu.tw/schol/recruit.php?Sn=59
3. International Students can apply for the Taiwan scholarship, which is granted by the government, through Taiwan overseas missions. For further information, please visit the websites: http://tafs.mofa.gov.tw/,

Dormitory & Tuition Fees (Tentative)

Dormitory Fees
New students of Tamsui Campus who intend applying for the school dormitory shall submit the housing application form to the International and Mainland Student Guidance Section after receiving the admission notice. The housing application form will be sent with the admission notice or found on the Admission News section of the TKU website.
Payment items
Payment cycle
Lanyang Campus
Dormitory in Lanyang Campus
Accommodation Dormitory fee
Each semester
Each academic year
Management fee
Each semester
Air-conditioning fee
By unit
Internet access & telephone fee
Each semester
NTD1,520/USD48 (excluding summer and winter vacation period)
Self-government association fee
Each academic year
Housing period
(1) Starting from the beginning of next school year to the notified date.
(2) Winter and Summer vacation shall be applied with extra payment. 
Room for 2 students; located in Lanyang Campus
All amounts in USD shown below are approximately estimated for reference and are subject to current exchange rates.


Tuition Fees
New students will receive the tuition fees bill on the registration date and the payment shall be paid by the designated date to finish the registration.
The following chart is the tuition and miscellaneous fees for the 2015-2016 Academic Year for reference. All amounts in USD shown below are approximately estimated for reference and are subject to current exchange rates.

Undergraduate Student Tuition Fees

Colleges and Departments
Miscellaneous Fees(NTD/USD)
Division of Software Engineering, Department of Innovative Information and Technology
(English-Taught Program)
Division of Applied Informatics, Department of Innovative Information and Technology
(English-Taught Program)
Recipients of MOFA Taiwan Scholarships, under the recommendation of the designated overseas agencies, or holders of the status of permanent residents in our country shall pay their tuition and other fees in accordance with the same standards that apply to Taiwan nationals.
Graduation Requirements
Before the graduation, all undergraduates should not only complete all the courses required by the department but also pass the English proficiency benchmark test assigned by the department and school. The undergraduates of Lanyang Campus should pass the English proficiency benchmark of TOEFL-IBT 61 or IELTS5.5orTOEIC 620. Regarding other requirements of graduation, please refer to the TKU Student Regulations (http://english.acad.tku.edu.tw/regulat.asp) and the website of each department or graduate institute.