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Vision and Strategy

Purpose of Establishment

Cultivate IT professions with innovative thinking and global perspective.

Business Philosophy


  • Cultivate IT professions with independent thinking and creativity through entrepreneurial related courses.


  • Grasp the development trend of information technology.

  • Become a prestigious IT personnel training institute.


  • Lifelong learning, Innovative, Humanism, professional.



  • As full English program with junior study abroad, we would like to equip students with strong English communication capability.

  • Tutors provide both life and academic counseling and create quality learning culture.

  • Balancing globalization and localization.

  • Entrepreneurship.

  • Cultivate IT professions according to industry development trend.

  • Differentiation as a way to attract both quality faculty members and students.



  • Provide both life and academic counseling

  • Focus on learning outcome evaluation and timely feedback from students

  • Enhance teaching improvement mechanism

  • Implement teaching performance assessment and evaluation.