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Educational Purposes

Cultivate system development and application professionals.

Core Competence
A. Programming, process planning and problem solving capability
B. Fundamental mathematics literacy and mathematic literacy for IT professional
C. Knowledge of Networking and Network protocols
D. The ability of information systems development
E. With the ability to information systems integration and management.



Provide quality learning environment.

Recruit faculty members with strong academic and professional background to join our department.
Set up dedicated classrooms and computer labs; include open source lab, software engineering lab, ERP lab. Provide high-quality software and hardware equipment for both teaching and research.
Multimedia classrooms encourage faculty members to take advantage of multimedia and the Internet to improve teaching quality.
Extended software engineering and information science books and journals collection for future research.

Cultivate professionals with humanism and strong ethics.

With core courses and general education courses to equip students with proper professional ethics and people skills. Through community service classes and outdoor education to encourage students to participate in social and community service work.
Through entrepreneurial classes to emphasize on innovative IT applications, provide training for students to become creative and with practical capability.


Development of International Experience

Enhance student language (both Chinese and English) proficiency, and lay the foundation for the junior study abroad and future employment. To achieve this goal, our department designs professional English courses to enhance students' competitiveness
In order for students to develop an international perspective and multicultural experience, junior students in our department are require to study abroad for one year.